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World's First

Home Treatment System

Having the luxury of INKARAMI Technology in your shampoo and treatment, giving you an elevated level of beauty to your hair each time you uses it.


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Highest level of texture achieved by amazing repair and moisturizing.

Highest level of repair power created by synergistic effects of the blended components with the patented technology of INKARAMI

TOKIO IE PREMIUM SHAMPOO 200ml_transparent.png
TOKIO IE PREMIUM SHAMPOO 500ml_transparent.png
  • PPT Shampoo using Silk and Collagen as cleansing components.

  • Rich finish with excellent moisturizing and Keratin (repair agent) care effects.

TOKIO IE PREMIUM TREATMENT 200g_transparent.png
TOKIO IE PREMIUM TREATMENT 500g_transparent.png
  • 4 types of Keratins (repair agent) with different molecular weights gives the hair bounce and resilience and repair effects.

  • Each PPT of Hydrolyzed Silk, Collagen, Soy and Sesame produce elasticity and moisture resulting in a moisturized finish.

TOKIO IE PREMIUM AIR.TREATMENT 100ml_transparent.png
  • Thoroughly repairs and moisturizes damaged hair.

  • Mist type of leave-in treatment.

TOKIO IE PLATINUM logo_transparent.png

The ultimate Shampoo & Treatment to repair hair

  • Same repair effect as salon care

  • Silky feel to touch and glossy shine leading to an improvement in hair quality

TOKIO IE INKARAMI SHAMPOO 200_transparent.png
TOKIO IE INKARAMI SHAMPOO 500_transparent.png
  • Hypoallergenic Amino Acid shampoo using Taurine (cleansing agent).

  • Gentle wash with excellent lathering.

TOKIO IE INKARAMI TREAMENT 200_transparent.png
  • 3 kinds of Keratin (repair agents) give the hair body and repairing effects.

  • Soft and smooth hair through moisturizing with lipid components of healthy hair.

  • Outstanding gloss, moisturizing and protection effects.

  • Silk and Squalene (moisturizing agent) moisturize the cuticle.

  • Light and soft.

  • Fullerene protects hair from UV ray.

TOKIO IE HEAD SPA logo_transparent.png

No.1 direct care from the scalp

  • Head Spa series thoroughly pursues the "Double Care" of both scalp and hair.

  • Patented technology of INKARAMI improves the condition of the scalp through moisturizing and promotion of blood circulation

TOKIO IE SPA SHAMPOO 500ml_transparent.png
TOKIO IE SPA SHAMPOO 200ml_transparent.png
  • Non-silicon hypoallergenic betaine shampoo.

  • High amount of components of natural origin.

  • Anti-inflammatory.

  • Highly moisturizing.

TOKIO IE SPA TREATMENT 200g_transparent.png
TOKIO IE SPA TREATMENT 500g_transparent.png
  • Non-silicon scalp and hair treatment.

  • Rich moisturizing components soften scalp and hair.

  • Prevents dryness

  • 3 kinds of keratins (repairing agents) gives body and repairing effects to hair.

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