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Acclaimed by overseas professionals and media to be a "first-class" system treatment that represents not only Japan but also the world.

And now, the newly reborn "TOKIO" will once again create new value as a "first-class" system treatment for the world.


TOKIO 0.png

Penetrating agents and to facilitate hair's moist.

  • Urea: enhance penetration of ingredients into hair

  • Keratin Amino Acid, Ceramide Complex, Hydrolyzed Silk and Pellicer: use for caring damaged hair

TOKIO 1.png

Foundation for INKARAMI to replenish Keratin into hair

  • Gemini type Amino Acid and Waterfowl-sourced down and feather keratin: helps penetrate into hair's damaged part

  • Molecular weight 750

  • Fullerene helps prevent oxidation

TOKIO 2.png
TOKIO 2M.png
TOKIO 2S.png

Building up hair core by INKARAMI reaction

  • Keratin Amino Acid: combine with Keratin from TOKIO 1, helps to improve elasticity and strength

  • Molecular weight of 90 ~ 200

  • Fullerene: prevent oxidation

TOKIO 3.png
TOKIO 3M.png
TOKIO 3S.png

Finishing INKARAMI process by replenish 4 types of Keratins

  • 4 types of different molecular weight Keratins [400, 1200, 10000, 30000]: approaches cortex part to repair damage and reinforce hair

  • Hybrid-polymer: gives amazing shine and smooth, and achieve long-term durability

  • Fullerene: prevent oxidation

TOKIO 4.png
TOKIO 4M.png
TOKIO 4S.png

Replenish oil to the hair layer, building hair texture

  • 18 MEA and 13 types of plants oil and Ceramide NG: increase the ability of water retention and moisture retention

  • Fullerene: prevent oxidation


Deep Restoration System

  • Intensive hair pack: restore frizzy hair with enriched texture ingredients

  • Contains same ingredients as TOKIO INKARAMI TREATMENT 4

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