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TOKIO SPA INKARAMI brings together the know-how of TOKIO INKARAMI SALON SYSTEM and provide care for both hair and the scalp.

Restores the strength to the hair by using the patented technology of INKARAMI and applying to the scalp the highest level of moisturizing using the latest technology.


TOKIO SPA FIRST_Transparent.png

Improves the condition of the scalp by removing all the dirt and thoroughly moisturize

  • Plant extract <Butea Superba Root Extract and Soap Nut Extract>: removes ingrained dirt from sebum and clogged pores in the scalp

  • Promotes hair growth and whitening effect

  • Contains hyaluronic acid and water soluble collagen

TOKIO SPA 1_transparent.png

Foundation for INKARAMI to replenish keratin into hair

  • Gemini type Amino Acid- Waterfowl sourced down and Feather Keratin(750): helps with penetrating into hair's damaged part

  • Fullerene: prevent oxidation

TOKIO SPA 2_Transparent.png

Build up hair core by INKARAMI reaction

  • Keratin Amino Acid (90~200): combine with keratin from TOKIO SPA 1 improve hair elasticity and strength

  • Fullerene: Prevents oxidation

  • Contains Hydrolyzed Keratins (molecular weight: 30000) and Meadowfoam-lactone

TOKIO SPA 3_Transparent.png

Replenish oil to the hair layer, building hair texture

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen, 13 types of plant oil and Ceramide NG: increase ability of water and moisture retention

  • Fullerene: prevents oxidation 

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